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March 2, 10: Welcome to the new domain!! I am excited to announce that Puppet Listing has now been transferred over and is fully functional. I know the layout hasn’t changed to match this superb occasion but I just love this one too much to simply let it go. Plus, I think it is still a fine piece to hold up such an honor. I am slowly going about revamping all of my listings from finishing shrines, to new or actual layouts and even codes! Everything here is in the spirit of change. So relax, enjoy your stay and feel free to take a look around! ♥


I proudly own 55 fanlistings and have 2651 fans listed in total. Being a big fan of quite a number of things, I have joined 748 fanlistings and am continuing to support fanlistings by joining more all the time! Although I’ve been apart of the fanlisting world for longer, this collective was made on September 9, 2007 and is still proudly run today.…