Effective Ways to Manage Back Pain

Back pain has been a challenge to many people which does not have a specific cure. It only requires one to try out many ways so as to find what will work best for one’s problem. Below are some of the effective ways recommended to manage back pain. Releasing ones’ inner endorphins These hormones are produced naturally in ones’ body. Endorphins work as painkillers just like the manufactured medication. When these hormones get released in ones’ body they block the pain signals from triggering your brain. They as well reduce stress, depression and even stress which worsen the pain and are believed to cause chronic back pain.

Get enough sleep

Most people who have chronic back pain suffer from a sleep disorder. Pain causes insomnia which is the difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Inadequate sleep has been proven to worsen back pain. It is advisable that if one has sleep disorders it should not be ignored. One has to seek medication for the same.

Maintain good posture

bad sleeping postureAccording to experts at Action Spine & Joint, a chiropractic center in Nashville, TN, pain may be a result of a long workout doing house chores, or even at the gym. This strain may continue building up for years. Most people have poor postures when carrying out day to day activities. Thus straining their backs. One should always be careful in their postures when doing various activities like, cleaning the house, carrying heavy luggage and even when doing simple things like brushing your teeth. Keeping the right posture will help to reduce back pain.

Exercise your core

Exercise is essential for the muscles. Muscles in ones abs and the back support the spine. There are several exercises performed which do not take much time. One can take them into their daily routine to get a good workout for the muscles. These exercises include a simple one of sitting upright on an exercise ball for 30 minutes. This is the best exercise to engage ones’ core muscles. You can also walk, which helps too. But it should be in moderation.


Stretch your hamstrings twice daily

Tight hamstrings contribute to back pain although they are overlooked. If ones’ hamstrings are tight the lower back will be stressed thus causing more pain. That’s why it is advisable for one to stretch their hamstring twice a day and in a careful manner.

Engage your brain

Pain is a sensation. One perceives pain the way his or her brain interprets and processes the pain signals. It is therefore important to know how you can help your brain to reduce or ignore the pain signals. Expertise in the skills may help you have influence over your brain. One may engage their brains in cherished relationships, finances and even chores at home. They need to find activities that make them happy. The brains will be involved in other appealing, inhibiting the brain from sending pain signals.

Soothe the pain with cold or hot packs

This is another way of managing back pain by reducing the pain as well spur the healing process. Cold therapy will help reduce inflammation and slows down nerve impulse keeping the nerves from causing pain. Heat application stimulates blood flow and inhibits pain messages to the brain. It can be done in several ways like taking hot shower or bath.